Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Reflection # 14

What happened to this week? Where did it go? Did anyone see it? LOL! I'm continually amazed at how fast time passes us by. I am thankful that I am able to spend most every minute of it with my family! I hope you've been able to spend time enjoying your family this week. If you've not been able to because you've been too busy, stop reading this and go love up on em'! Our week went a little something like this.....

Sunday: What a fun day! We had a picnic after church and a lot of the people who attended the conference came by the park to eat and fellowship with us. Jeff left a little early to go fly his airplanes but the girls and I didn't get home until 5pm from the park. We were very tired but had such a wonderful time!

Monday: Well, this was an interesting day. Since the roof on our new covered deck sprang four leaks last week, we had to do some backtracking. My BIL and FIL went to work on it first thing and made good progress. They had to jack the roof up and cut off some of the 4x4 posts so that the pitch on the roof was lower. We believe the pitch was so subtle that the rain would not run off of our architectural shingles, causing the water to make its way under the shingles and inside the deck. . It hasn't rained since last week so we are unsure if it is officially fixed but we are praying that things are taken care of.

Tuesday: My oldest daughter became the happiest person in the world on this day because I was finally able to find a Saxon Math 87 test booklet to go along with her text. If I haven't told you before, she just LOVES her Saxon Math (not really...she actually hates it!) LOL! I met a nice lady on Vegsource who was selling it for $3, shipping included! This is great news for me because we have been trying to find a booklet for about a month. I can't wait to receive the booklet so that we can get right into this new math book. We homeschool year round and it's very important for me to keep things as up to date as possible. It seems that if I let anything slide for to long, we tend to get lazy :-o)

Wednesday: It was pretty uneventful. Of course, Wednesday night was spent as usual....watching LOST. We love the show because it always keeps us thinking and in suspense.

Thursday: I had a full day of errands. Between grocery shopping, ballet class, paying bills, homeschooling, and cleaning house, I was absolutely pooped in the evening! You'd think I would have gone right to bed and to sleep wouldn't you?.....well, I didn't. I was up until at least 3:30am and got up around 7:15am on Friday morning.... so, almost four hours of sleep. I cannot understand why I find it so difficult to sleep. I would love to be able to spend a weekend doing nothing but laying around on the couch :-o)

Friday: Another busy day spent taking the dog to the groomer, working on the deck, cleaning some of the garage up, and trying to recover from the sleep I didn't get! I spent the entire evening cleaning up clutter in the garage. The girls decided they wanted to have a yard sale of sorts so I went through all I could to dig out things for them to sell. I don't have yard sales so I told them they were on their own! The girls were very helpful today while we worked on the deck. Logan helped my FIL (who we call Pop Pop) saw up some wood for the deck railings and stuff. Jeff showed me how to use the miter saw (Woo Hoo) and I cut alot of decorative pieces we needed. It was fun learning to use that big dog! I am pretty scared of tools like that for the most part but I am glad I learned to use it. As you can see below, Caroline found ways to entertain herself with the scrap wood while everyone else worked!

Saturday: The girls decided they wanted to do a yard sale so we got everything ready on Friday evening. We made some sweet tea and cookies and out they went. I DO NOT like to host a yard sale myself but was happy to help the girls prepare for it. I'm counting this as a school economics project for Logan. Caroline will receive an evaluation for how helpful she is to her big sis and also for the art work she put on our price poster (she did the flowers). I think she did a great job! **Update**The girls did a great job with their very first yard sale. We didn't have a lot to sell but the girls ended up with around $70. They were thrilled and I am very happy with the way they took care of things. I stayed in the house doing things or in the back yard. It was such a joy to hear the girls striking up conversations with all of the new people they met. It was neat to see a side of their personality that I hadn't really seen before. We finally have all the mess cleaned up and the leftovers will be going to the donation bin this evening. I'd have to say that it was very successful.

Tomorrow we will gather to grill a meal for Jeff's family, in honor of his mother. I can't tell you how our lives have been blessed by her. She is everything I could ask for in a mother-in-law; she's kind, caring, giving, funny, resourceful, blunt and to the point, always ready to give her opinion, and a wonderful cook. I can't say enough about her. We'll also be celebrating my mom although she can't be with us. She lives in West VA and can't make it down but we'll be thinking about her and how thankful we are for her. She is a strong woman who has been through much in her life. We are thankful that she is healthy, kind, and generous to us. We miss not having her closer but we hope that one day she will be able to live somewhere a little nearer to us. To both of our mothers, we want to tell you that we love you and that we are thankful for all the sacrifices you've made for us throughout our lives.

I hope your week was good and that you will be able to share this Mother's Day with your mama. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the blogosphere that are reading! To read more WR's, visit Judi.

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Vader's Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.

Would your girls like to come to my house and have a yardsale? I'll split the profit with them. I have boxes in my attic that I should put out, but I can't get my act together.

Lauren S. said...

Congrats to your girls on a job well done! I am sure they feel a sense of accomplishment. Also, I hope your leak is fixed!

Carrie! :o) said...

Yay to Saxon!! Both of my girls use Saxon Math and love it! Funny, I just ordered Saxon 87 for my oldest daughter. I got an awesome deal on ~ almost too good to be true ... the text, the test forms booklet, the answer keys book, and both DIVE CD's ... all, brand new ... never used for a grand total of $30 WITH shipping! I was so excited, LOL! Tomorrow we start 87 and we're kinda excited! Y'all enjoy and I'm so glad you found the test book you needed! :o)

Carrie! :o) said...

Meant to add that we also school year-round. It makes life so much easier! :o)

Happy Mother's day to you!!! :o)

Katkat said...

Fun and busy week. Looks like they had a blast too.

Judi said...

I hope the roof on the deck is fixed! And I can not believe the yard sale. Way to go girls! Hope you have a good week this week!

annie said...

Looks like a lot of hard work.
I agree with you, simple things or thoughts of kindness are priceless.
Hope your mother's day was wonderful.

Jill Norwood said...

I need to have a yard sale so badly, but it just seems like too much work. I love the idea of the color-coded pricing dots!